Anatomy of a Perfect Sponsored Post: Athleta x Meg Boggs


Between the algorithm, your audience, and what you have planned in your content calendar it can be a bit overwhelming to nail the perfect post every time.  With this in mind, when it comes to focusing on your business if you are an Instagram influencer, we believe that it’s important to constantly look at best in class examples of sponsored posts that really made an impact and adapt these strategies into your content plan!

With this in mind, we wanted to take time to showcase an incredible example of a partnership that really worked, Meg Boggs’ partnership with Athleta around their new extended size range.

Our Four Takeaways of What Makes an Impactful Sponsored Instagram Post

Post with Intention: With sponsorships you want to make sure there is alignment between your brand and the company.

In the image below you can see that Athleta completely aligns with Meg’s brand: her commitment and belief that that you can be fit at any size. For Meg, she is committed to partnering with brands that focus on inclusivity, and expanding to plus (and we hope more brands follow suit and extend their sizes up to 5x).

Showcase the brand and the product in a way that is “on-brand”: Meg’s photo is incredibly strong, and eye-catching and they really stand out in the feed (which will help with engagement). Meg’s photo and caption perfectly align, and we can see the term power radiating through the post (through not only her photo but her caption as well).

Visually Athleta is written all over this sponsored post (no shortage of “brand awareness” here). We see the use of the branded content tool, the tag on the leggings, and a call out in the caption, so as a follower, you can’t miss that this is a genuine organic partnership that Meg did with Athleta.** Remember that the branded content tool should be used for all sponsorships as a rule of thumb this year.**

Tell a Story: In the second slide of this sponsored post we see another style and another side of Meg Boggs. We see that the product not only is good for HIIT workouts, but also good for lower impact workouts on the mat! Telling the story of how Meg will use these leggings helps followers understand how they could wear the leggings too, and as a result are more likely to buy!

Main takeaway: If you are an Instagram influencer, focus on telling a story like Meg Boggs did through this sponsored post. Give your audience a reason WHY they should care about your post.

Engage with your audience:  Again we see with the engagement in the comments (below) that she treats her sponsored posts in the same way she does organic posts– there is always a story behind it.

If you want some more inspiration on how to create engaging content please check out Meg Boggs on Instagram. You will note that her organic and sponsored work holds the same amount of intention and storytelling– a testament to how strong of an entrepreneur she is!

If you have any questions on how to get started with creating sponsored content or how to align yourself with a brand that speaks your values be sure to email

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