A Guide to Instagram's New Professional Dashboard


Instagram has launched a new professional dashboard. This feature is for creators and business owners who want to better track their Instagram performance. This is essentially a support service for influencers. Basically if you were considering influencer marketing, this tool will make it that much easier. If you want another reason to get started check out this blog post.

What’s included in the professional dashboard.


More branded content features: Instagram added the branded content function to IGTV and reels. That way sponsored content can exist in many different forms

Monetization strategies and guides to different functions: If you’re feeling stuck with reels this new professional dashboard provides guides and resources to the many functions of Instagram. With this Instagram is providing monetization insights and trends based off of your account’s data.

To gain access to the professional dashboard go to your Instagram profile and tap ‘View Professional Dashboard’ at the top. If it’s not there then that means you need to create a creator or business account.

This dashboard is available for both business accounts and creator accounts. As a resource and an insight tracker, Instagram promises to iterate and make the dashboard more intuitive moving forward. If you have questions about your personal dashboard and what insights you should capitalize on be sure to email hello@blogist.co!

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