6 Ways to Use TikTok as a Marketing Channel


TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands. Why? Because the ability to connect directly with your customer is exponentially higher on TikTok than on Instagram. On average an Instagram post reaches about ¼ of the people that actually follow you on Instagram, while TikTok videos continue to gain traction and are built on the foundation of going viral.

With an average user spending up to 52 minutes a day on TikTok absorbing content, it’s no wonder brands are looking for the golden ticket on how to make the most of their marketing strategy within this channel.

That said, we’ve seen that there is an underwhelming amount of content specifically tailored to brand marketers focused on ways to optimize your TikTok strategy. That’s why in this post we will outline the six ways that you can start utilizing TikTok to drive brand awareness.

Six Ways to Use TikTok as a Marketing Channel

1. Build Your Community & Prioritize engagement

While TikTok has mainly gained traction amongst Gen-Zers, billions of people around the world have been joining the app over the past few months. One of the simplest ways to build a community is by finding like minded content created by brands similar to yours, and shout each other out.

2. Create a Hashtag Challenge

A hashtag challenge is when you encourage TikTok users to create or recreate content and add your branded hashtag to it. For example, when Chipotle created the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge (which currently has over 300M views) and their #GuacDance challenge (which has over 1 billion views). A fun hashtag challenge not only promotes your business, but it also drives user interaction and engagement.

3. Offer Incentives with a Clear CTA

By using a reward based system, with a clear CTA like follow me on TikTok to see another dance video (this is just an example) you are motivating more people to:

a. Watch your video until the end to find out how to win or be able to apply for this incentive. a. To engage with your video and their audience. a. To spread awareness about your brand and the campaign in discussion. a. Offering incentives also provides a call to action to further check out a brand’s services, products, team, etc.

4. Keep up With Trends

Keeping up with TikTok’s constant trends and challenges can get overwhelming but it’s a great way to keep your brand current - participating in TikTok “trends” is also an amazing way to boost your following and get more recognition. Some of the current trends happening right now are the #wipeitchallenge or #dalgonacoffee challenge, #nakedchallenge #quarantinechallenge and any of the dance challenges (renegade etc.). We recommend finding one or two different challenges!

5. Stay True to Your Brand’s Message

Understand your customer base and offer content that appeals to your audience while adding a bite of #relatable content - for example, ASOS has fine tuned their niche and creates fashion inspo, beauty hacks and workout routine videos for their Millennial/Gen-Z based audience. For example, as an influencer marketing agency, Blogist’s TikTok does not incorporate beauty hacks, but instead, incorporates informative segments on how to grow your audience, the best times to post, how to write a pitch, etc. It’s all about knowing your brand.

6. Stay Consistent

Going off #4, once you solidify your brand message and the goals you aim to achieve with your TikTok content, stick to it. Don’t delete your videos if they don’t get enough views at first, don’t get discouraged. Consistency is one of the strongest factors for the TikTok Algorithm!

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