6 Tools You Should Have in Your Influencer Toolkit


We want to equip you with the right information and tools to achieve your influencer dreams. From courses to podcasts we have got you covered with all things influencer marketing. To stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on instagram growth it’s always great to stay up to date with these types of resources. Here’s a list of six resources that you can add to your toolkit.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are always great for starting out. You can find like minded people and share resources. These are places where the question of “How To Be an Influencer” can be answered. Blogist has its own Facebook group where we discuss market trends and act as a resource for all of our members. With that, Facebook groups like Instagram Marketing Mastermind and InfluenceHer Collective are a great place to find curated networks of content creators interested in learning more about the influencer marketing world.


We all love a good podcast. Our Co-Founder actually starts her day off with a podcast. Podcasts are such an easy, yet informative way to stay up to date on the industry. Of course we have to recommend that you check out the Blogist podcast. Our most recent episode discussed pricing brand partnerships for both influencers and brands. Some other podcasts that lean into dissecting the influencer marketing industry and giving you real tips on how to run a successful business include The Influencer Podcast and Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield.


We know this is more of an old-fashioned approach to such a digital space, but if you have an Amazon Prime membership you can have these books to your door in no time. We recommend #makechichappen: Your 52 Week Social Media Game Plan. It’s an all intensive guide to social media strategy and tactics that you can employ on your own. The Age of Influencers: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand is more of an overview of the industry as a whole with a focus on the brand side of things.

Informational Instagram Accounts

One of our easiest ways to learn Instagram is to look at the people who are leading the pack. Noticing trends and ways to engage is a great way to learn some best practices for your own online business, so take a look at your favorite influencers with a closer eye. Following informational Instagram accounts like hootsuite is another way to stay updated on the industry. We also encourage you to check out the Blogist instagram to receive updates and enjoy takeovers from our clients.


We also have a free guide that you can find on our homepage that teaches you how to make your online business more profitable. The Blogist classroom is another place where you can interact with our Co-Founder in real time and hear specific cases that will give you valuable industry insight. There’s also the free Google Analytics Academy to learn more about how to analyze website traffic and grow your business through key insights. If you have a blog, it’s a great way to keep track of your readers and how best to reach them.


These resources will help you create your own little influencer marketing hub. One last resource that we recommend you utilize are informational webinars. Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful segments of influencer marketing. Affiliate marketing programs like rewardstyle make it easy for you to learn and capitalize on with their webinars.

Again, these just scrape the surface of all of the amazing resources out there that are available to instagram influencers. Whether you’re starting a blog or looking to improve your Instagram engagement, all of these resources will help jumpstart your journey to achieving your online business goals.

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