6 Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic


Outside of the SEO strategies we talked about in this blog post we want to give you six effective strategies which will increase your blog traffic.

We think about blogs as the center of your online brand. We do this because you have full control over your blog and if Instagram or other social channels were to disappear tomorrow you would still have your blog. Ideally the blog is the trunk of the tree and the several social channels you occupy are the branches. Here are six things to keep in mind when it comes to building a strong base for your blog and greater online presence.

  1. The most successful content is one that meets a specific need. You want people to keep coming back to you and referring to you so establish yourself as a resource
  2. Spend your time making evergreen content. We detail what evergreen content is in this post. Think about what keeps you going back to other blogs and chances are it involves some form of evergreen content.
  3. Killer post titles. First impressions last forever so lure people in with some great titles. Think Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe versus Best Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. The latter sounds infinitely better.
  4. Keywords. If you’re just getting started with SEO, this is a great starting place. Set your keywords before you write and remember that the more specific/niche the topic, the easier it will be to rank on the first page of search results.
  5. Online manners. Avoid spammy behavior all together and focus on building real, authentic relationships. Guest blogging will go a long way to help establish these relationships as meaningful ones, plus there’s an added cross-promotional bonus!
  6. Navigation. Think about your user’s experience when it comes to navigating your website. If it’s time to do a makeover then we recommend you hire someone to help get your blog in a place where socials, posts, and general info is easily found within one or two clicks.

Use these six strategies to evaluate your current blog content and make subtle adjustments. If you want to do more of an SEO deep dive we have a great classroom recording available to all of our clients. SEO can be king when it comes to earning more traffic, however, these six strategies will retain all of your new traffic.

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