6 Steps to Grow Instagram Engagement


Finding ways to maintain your Instagram engagement is important for any business, content creator or influencer as your Instagram account is only as powerful as the community of people that follows you and engages with your content.

You aren’t alone in trying to find ways to get more engagement on your Instagram account organically, which is why we broke out the 6 steps that you need to know to organically increase your engagement in 2020!

1. Determine best days and times to post on Instagram

In order to get people to engage with your content, you must post content when they are around. There is a sweet spot within the first twenty minutes of anyone’s post. If a lot of people like your content in the first twenty minutes, your content has a greater chance of being seen by many more people.

In order to find out how to grow your Instagram engagement and followers, start by finding the best day and time to post. Go to your Instagram analytics page, it will show you the days of the week that your community is the most engaged on Instagram. In addition, don’t forget to think about, “when would I be online?” If your followers on Instagram are mainly based on the East Coast, don’t post on Instagram at 2AM since your followers won’t be awake at that time.

Insights showing engagement by time of day

2. Increase Instagram Story views by cross promotion

A best practice for using Instagram is to always cross promote your content on your feed to your stories. Sometimes your followers may not be on Instagram to view your post when it goes live, but they do see your Instagram Stories. Always be sure to share your Instagram post on your Instagram Stories, and tell them that you have a new post on your feed. Be sure to tease the piece of content so that they are more likely to go to your most recent post and engage!

Cross promoting on Instagram Stories

3. Create evergreen content

One of the best ways to get more likes and comments on Instagram is to create evergreen content that you can constantly link back to.

Think about making an Instagram post, that you can constantly link back to and reference. The life span of an Instagram post is usually 24 hours, but you worked hard to make that piece of Instagram content. To get more likes on an Instagram post, continue to promote that post on your stories to ensure that as many of your community members saw your piece of content as possible.

Pro tip, also be sure to use the best hashtags on your evergreen Instagram post!

4. Poll your audience on Instagram Stories

When you are going to create a post on Instagram, make sure that it’s based on what your community wants! The poll feature is a great way to get more engagement on Instagram, because if you create a post that your followers asked you to create, they are much more likely to like or comment on your post! This is a sure fire way to get more likes on Instagram organically.

Using Instagram Stories to poll your audience

5. Have a clear call to action

When you make a post, it’s important to tell your followers what you want them to do. As a platform, people usually just view content on Instagram. If you want them to like your post or comment on your post, tell them to! Give them clear call to actions, and tell them how to engage with your content.

6. Stop Using Instagram for 48 Hours

Sometimes one of the best ways to increase your engagement organically on Instagram is to just stop using Instagram (both on your feed and stories). We find that 10/10 times your engagement will increase once you go dark, as Instagram sees you stopped using Instagram, and wants your content to be seen by all of your followers once you return.

Last, increasing your engagement organically takes time and oftentimes we recommend setting up a personal strategy call, which is a great way to use Blogist! Head to your profile and set up a strategy call, or sign up for one of our plans.

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