5 Things You Should Know About Pinterest in 2021


When thinking about Pinterest you may refer to it as another social network. There’s a follow feature and you can curate your own content. The first thing you should know about Pinterest as an influencer is that it is not a social network, it’s a search and discover network. Much like google, users enter in their interests and use other people’s content to curate their boards. Pinterest 101 is mastering what the platform is all about so we can now check that off!

The second thing you should know about Pinterest is that there are 2 billion searches on Pinterest each month. Pinterest is made to have the user leave the platform. Pinners create a search, save the image and follow the link off of the platform to your site.

Our third tip and what should be top of mind for influencers using Pinterest is that with links to blog content, products, shopping guides and more, 89% of Pinterest users use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase. Think of the opportunity there!

Fourth, something you pin today will drive traffic to your site day, weeks, and months from now. When thinking about Pinterest strategy that is why you should start pinning Valentine’s Day content around New Year’s. This strategy relies on the fact that people are planning for the next holiday and are actively looking for inspiration to prep themselves.

Our fifth Pinterest tip for 2021 is that pinners who see your pin and go to your website are 10% more likely to buy than if they found you on another platform. This translates into real dollars. The average sale from a Pinterest referral is $50 higher than any other social media platform.

The opportunity that Pinterest presents is vast and with most users making six-figures or more. Plus, a large majority are actively converting from the search and discover network. We discuss more how to create a Pinterest strategy in the first episode of season three of the Blogist podcast.

If you would like to learn how to get started with a Pinterest Business account we have a 45 minute Blogist classroom video led by a Pinterest manager. To gain access to this classroom video sign up with our foundation plan.

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