5 Steps To Grow Organically on Instagram in 2021


Growing your following organically means you generate real people that are actually interested in you, your brand and your message. Your organic audience is more likely to engage with your content, watch your stories, and participate in live conversations.

Remember that it’s extremely important to grow organically especially starting out. Buying followers may seem like a short term fix to achieve a decent following, but it will have negative impacts beyond repair in some cases. Here’s a blog post about what you can do if you already bought followers.

Here are the 5 steps on how to grow organically on Instagram.

1. Have a Strategy

  • Tell your story
  • Show your personality
  • Display your interests

2. Be Consistent

  • Post on a regular schedule
  • Align your content with your core message
  • Use scheduling systems to stay consistent

3. Engage

  • Reply to all comments
  • Reply to all DMs
  • Take time to create Reels
  • Answer questions
  • Read through this engagement guide

4. Check Analytics

  • Pay attention to what worked in your most popular post
  • Post content that your followers seem to enjoy

5. Hashtags

  • Identify the relevant hashtags for your content
  • Find key hashtags using 3rd party sites like iqhashtags.com

Strategy is king and what you should focus on at the center of your organic growth efforts. When thinking about how to grow organically on Instagram in 2021 you need a plan. Your strategy is what keeps you consistent and guides the rest of your engagement efforts.

Remember that Instagram growth can be hard but sticking with a strategy will give you your return on the time invested. If you want to use some other resources to help grow your Instagram account organically check out this guide.

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