4 Ways to Write Captivating Instagram Captions


Writing captivating Instagram captions can seem like a chore. However, the words that you pair with your content are powerful. Your Instagram captions have the power to shift moods, further you brand narrative and convince your audience to buy. We’ve pulled three of our clients who do a great job of crafting their Instagram captions to detail the four ways to write captivating Instagram captions.

Here are the four callouts. Now let’s get into some great examples.

  1. Tell a Story
  2. Use Emojis to reflect personality
  3. Include a Call to Action
  4. Break up the text

Zoie of curvesbyzo_ took a story approach to writing this Instagram caption. One of the best ways to bring people in and get them engaged is to tell a story. Even if it’s a simple one, this offers up a dynamic way to share beyond the picture. Zoie’s specific caption let’s new followers in on her brand and her why. Keep in mind it’s always a good idea to reintroduce yourself and tell your story when you receive an influx of community members.

In this example Iris Caldwell does a great job at capturing her brand and using emojis and other indicators that pertain to her caption. In this case, the location is “Celebrating International Women’s Day” and she goes a step further and poses a question for her followers to then answer in the comments.

Lindsay Rozier of selleatlove breaks up the text beautifully so that the eye does not get distracted. Hack: you can do this by typing out your captions in notes and then copying and pasting. With this, Lindsay inserts a little bit of storytelling in the beginning of her caption, gives a brand update and then has a detailed call to action at the end.

Along with these recommendations we suggest you check out this post on hashtag strategy. This is a totally separate part of caption writing as hashtags can be included or posted in a separate comment.

Add these recommendations to your overall Instagram strategy. Sometimes it’s great to have captions be short and to the point and other times storytelling can really strike a chord with your audience. We suggest you check out these accounts and the Blogist Instagram to continue to get inspiration for your own Instagram captions.

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