3 Ways to Combat the Instagram Algorithm Changes


We all know how to use Instagram, but do we really know how to use it to our advantage? With the Instagram algorithm always switching it up on us it can feel like our content falls flat when in reality it’s beautiful, purpose driven content. Do not fall victim to the algorithm and the ever changing Instagram analytics that it presents to you. Here are three things that will help boost your engagement and combat those pesky algorithm tweaks.

  1. Stay consistent. You’ll see immediately on your backend of Instagram analytics on stories that consistency is key. As 2021 gets underway also make sure you have a content plan for your in feed posts. This includes organizing a content calendar. Use this link to sign up with Blogist and add to your content calendar today.
  2. Use all of Instagram’s features. Don’t skip out on IGTV or Reels because you haven’t used those features yet. The Instagram algorithm will start to favor your content when you begin to use everything that Instagram has to offer.
  3. Reels. As one of the latest and greatest features Instagram has to offer Reels are a nod to where content is headed in the future. You definitely want to add the mastery of short-form video content to your influencer strategy for 2021 because platforms like TikTok and Instagram are demanding it. Again, learning and using Reels on a consistent basis will earn you points towards using all of Instagram’s features and therefore engage more of your intended audience.

We suggest that you start implementing these initiatives right into your content calendar to earn your engagement back. Even doing one Reel a week can boost your engagement so don’t overwhelm yourself with a pile of content to be created. Stay par for the course and stay tuned for another set of recommendations when Instagram decides to change the algorithm again.

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