2021 Instagram Growth Guide


We’re discussing Instagram growth strategies you should use in 2021. Growing organically is hard but it should be the only way you attain new followers. Please check out this blog post if you are considering buying followers.

Here are some resources and recommendations that we encourage you to reference when it comes to growing your Instagram.

  1. Understand the algorithm. Reference this post to counter the algorithm changes we have seen in Q1 of 2021.
  2. Use these 12 Buffer tactics to help increase growth by figuring out the** optimal times for posting**.
  3. Growing your following doesn’t have to be all on you. Check out this post when it comes to collaborating with other influencers to help grow your following.
  4. If you need a reminder about how to stay consistent and why you should stay consistent with posting on Instagram check out this resource.
  5. If you’re thinking about going the campaign route, think about** creating a IGTV or Reels campaign**.
  6. The lifetime of your content can be fleeting at times, especially if it’s niche or trendy. Read this post about how to create more evergreen content which will ultimately help you stay consistent with your content schedule.
  7. If you’re just getting started with Instagram and looking into defining your brand and purpose look to this resource on how to set yourself up for Instagram growth success.
  8. Trying to strategize and short-term growth plan? Here’s how to think about attaining Instagram growth fast.
  9. We must emphasize the importance of IG Reels. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Reels and why you should add IG Reels to your content strategy.
  10. Follower count is great but you must keep your engagement rate top of mind when it comes to audience retention. Also a good engagement rate leads to brand partnerships and various opportunities for growth. Check out this blog post that details 6 steps to bettering your engagement.

If you would like to hop on a call and discuss any of these recommendations and how to implement these strategies to your own Instagram then sign up with our advisory plan to get started.

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