2020 Blogist Year In Review and 2021 Projections


We can’t quite say what the year of 2020 will be remembered as, but what we do know from living it that this year has been challenging. Given the unique year Blogist was still able to both pivot and grow as a company in this period of time. As brands looked to influencers to send their marketing messages when other communication forms were shut down, a new level of trust was placed upon the shoulders of the influencer marketing industry. We sure can tell looking at all of the brands our clients worked with in 2020.

Logos of brands we partnered with in 2020

This only makes the celebration of the growth and wins that our business and our clients have earned this year more special. Influencer marketing is here to stay and we want to give you the facts and figures packaged up in our year in review and 2021 projections pdf.

With social media view time raising and the introduction of short form video influencers are becoming autonomous ad agencies for every brand they work with. What is more impressive is the Blogist 2020 Performance stats. With over 2,000 brand partnerships completed this year we can truly say that brands are looking to influencers now more than ever.

Blogist 2020 Performance stats

To read more about Blogist’s year and the projections we have for 2021 be sure to download the pdf below. We are feeling inspired and hopeful after such a challenging year when we look back at what a year of growth it actually was. To get started as a community member and increase your brand partnerships, get started with Blogist today by clicking here.

View our 2020 Influencer Industry Review

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