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Something we have always felt is that an influencer’s business is only as strong as their community. As a team, we spend our days working with digital influencers to curate stories that their communities are looking for. With this, one of the biggest learnings we have uncovered since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, is that now more than ever, people are hungry for content, their priorities have just shifted.

So what does this mean for brands?

What started as an incredible Q1, where so many brands were making strides to really deepen their relationships with the influencers and content creators that had performed exceptionally well for them in 2019, has suddenly shifted. Many companies in the past few weeks have made the decision to pause and re-evaluate how they should move forward working with the influencers that they have built incredible relationships with in an effort to make sure they come across as authentic as possible during this time.

With this in mind, we sat down with an assortment of digital influencers in different industries, to ask them what their communities had been asking for in the hopes of helping brands reposition their marketing strategies moving forward. Now more than ever, spending your marketing dollars on content that will drive impact is essential for brands, so our hope is that these high level takeaways will help teams shift their influencer campaigns to ensure that they see the greatest impact.

What People Are Looking For

Instagram Story Poll asking audience what they want to see on social media

Distraction: Katie Crenshaw, mom of three, lifestyle blogger and maternal mental health advocate asked her community on Instagram stories what kinds of content that they wanted to see from her in the coming weeks. After her poll, Katie shared that “I got an overwhelming amount of community members that said they just want a distraction. There is so much news out there, and people are really looking for an escape. They want lighthearted content.” For brands, you’ll notice influencers like Katie have really gravitated to TikTok to make content that makes people smile, that’s a huge opportunity to really find a way to create a meaningful story together.

Product Recommendations: Maxey Greene, model and plus-size style expert shared that, “I’ve noticed a HUGE increase in messages from my community asking me about the books I’ve been reading, and the different games I’ve been playing. It’s clear people are still looking for product recommendations, but what they are buying is different. For example, they want to know where I bought the slippers I’ve been wearing over the past few weeks and the loungewear I’ve been wearing so that they can buy it.”

Normalcy: Tracy Campoli, Founder of the Total Body Transformation, and established YouTuber shared that, “my community wants normalcy. They want some level of routine. People have been looking for things like my at home fitness membership, as they want ways to maintain some sense of normalcy in their life.” At home fitness memberships are on the rise, and people are looking for the products that they can buy to make the shift from working out at a gym to working out at home that much easier.

Escape: Kelly Augustine, Content Creator and Founder of the boutique August Raye asked her community in a post what kinds of content they wanted to see over the next few weeks, and many people shared that they wanted her to stay true to her business, and share things that brought her joy, like style and fashion. They want an escape from all of the news that they are reading.

Based on this feedback, it’s clear that people are looking for content now more than ever, as Facebook and Youtube traffic has soared according to the NYTimes. With that said, as an industry it’s imperative that brands and influencers open up dialogue, and share the kinds of content people are looking for, to ensure that brands see the greatest ROI with their marketing dollars.

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