Grow with Affiliate Marketing During COVID-19


Over the past two weeks, the entire world has seen a huge shift as we all pivot to working from home in an effort to ensure we can appropriately socially distance and keep COVID-19 at bay. With this, marketing budgets have pivoted and shifted as stores are closing and marketing events are being put on hold.

As the entire world shifts to a new sense of normal, something that has been quite inspiring is seeing how people have come together on social media to support one another as we all create a new sense of normalcy. In a powerful way, never have we before shared such a similar human experience– we truly are all in this together.

As marketers and influencers alike figure out what this pivot does for their 2020 earnings, one thing is certain, it’s incredibly important to ensure that we are all aware of all that is going on in the world. It is not a time to be tone deaf. That said, as human beings have never before shared such a similar experience in our lifetime, people are looking to lean on one another for advice. People are looking for advice and tips about how to adapt to this new sense of normalcy, and this is a very powerful chance for influencers, digital creators and marketers to help their customers and followers create a new sense of normalcy in their lives.

As an influencer, if budgets are being shifted around and brands are putting a hold on their marketing budgets, how do you make sure that you’re still able to keep some sort of income coming in? This is where affiliate marketing comes in.

Now more than ever, people are looking for advice about products to use now that all parts of life are shifting to home. As an influencer, think about the products you are using to adjust to a new sense of normalcy, and share them with your audience.

The perfect example of this has been the uptick in blog posts about how to work from home. Many, many people have never worked from home before. This is your chance if you are a content creator to create guides for your audience about things that you have used in the past to make working from home easier. Create a blog post about the essential desk items they need as they pivot to working from home.

Google Search trend for the term "Work from home"

Chart by Google Trends

This is the time to train your audience to look to you as someone who genuinely wants to create content that will help the lives of your community. We are all in this together and they are looking for you to give them ideas about things that can help them!

People need help shifting to a new way of life, influencers using their influence to help people adjust to this new way of normalcy, is the content that everyone needs!

Great affiliate marketing platforms that we recommend are RewardStyle, MagicLinks, Amazon Affiliates and ShopStyle.

And if you’d like help getting set up and building your affiliate strategy, sign up to Blogist, create an account and one of our affiliate experts will reach out to you directly for a training session.

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