20 Ways to Make Better Content


As the New Year unfolds your content can get a bit stale after the holiday season. The holidays are always an excuse for new and great content ideas but as we approach 2021 we wanted to leave you with some content ideas that can help you create with ease in the new year.

We suggest sprinkling these ideas into your content calendar to freshen things up. You can read this blog post to figure out how to earn money with your content calendar. Let’s make your online business a success in 2021!

  1. Post a Flashback Friday
  2. Share a win
  3. Ask your audience how they discovered you
  4. Share your favorite Pinterest Board
  5. Do a takeover
  6. Share a nighttime routine
  7. Share a workout or wellness practice
  8. Thank your followers
  9. Do a Q&A
  10. Post a tutorial
  11. Share your influencer journey
  12. Upload a YouTube video
  13. Do a house/apartment tour
  14. Share your go-to recipes and meals
  15. Shoutout your favorite brands
  16. Create a travel guide
  17. Do a community give back
  18. Host a giveaway
  19. Share the behind the scenes version of a brand partnership
  20. Shoutout creators that inspire you

With this in mind, it’s always important to make sure you understand what content has been resonating with your audience, and from there add in some of these ideas! We suggest reading this blog post before you get started. It talks about demographics and how using your niche to your advantage will best serve you and your audience. It’s always a good idea to test these content ideas out and look back post analytics. Also, poll your audience, we are sure they want to hear more from you so ask them what they would like to see as you reconnect with them through 2021. To get organized we suggest adding these suggestions throughout your content calendar. If you’re not already set up with that be sure to click the link and get organized today!

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