10 Video Editing Apps to Use for Instagram Reels


We’re going through ten video editing apps that will help you step up your Instagram Reels game and earn you more views. Making high quality videos that also fit your color story and aesthetic seems like you would need to hire a producer but these apps have you covered.

  1. Thread Instagram: This app allows you to add closed captions to your video content. This makes your content more accessible and more inclusive!
  2. A Color Story: This app enables you to add filters and enhance the colors of your video. This is a great way to keep your content on brand while giving you more options than the various filters available in the Instagram Reels dashboard.
  3. KineMaster: If you use a greenscreen or produce your videos more than the average Reels user this is the app for you. With full capabilities and a green screen function Kinemaster is almost like using AdobePremier with your fingers.
  4. The Tezza App: This app also allows you to add specific filters to your videos. However, this app takes it one step further by allowing more interactive filters like grain, sparkles, and subtitles.
  5. InShot: You can add music, special effects and more with InShot to make your most ideal video. This app is similar to any other video editing app but has more features than some.
  6. Anchor Video Maker: This platform allows you to upload your podcast to various platforms. Thanks to their technology they have an audio maker where you can edit your audio files with ease and add them to your video.
  7. Foodie: If you’re a creator that works with food a lot this is the app for you. You can edit video in the app and they ensure your food looks just as good as it does right in front of your face.
  8. Hyperlapse: This is a great option for timelapses. Think about the travel video opportunity on Reels and with only one minute to share your experience Hyperlapse can ensure you create the most stunning timelapses.
  9. FlipaClip: Thinking about how to come across more unique on Instagram Reels. Use FlipaClip to animate your videos with their user friendly app.
  10. Funimate: This app is another platform that you can use to completely animate your content. Not only that, they have effects and transitions that you can add into your videos as well.

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