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Blogist's Advisory plan helps established influencers unlock more revenue and brand relationships


About the Advisory Plan

Blogist is synonymous with building brands. We understand the ins and outs of how to optimize and grow your social media business online. If you are someone who has over 15,000 respective followers across your social media channels, then this plan is for you.

Under the Advisory Plan, you can think of Blogist as your strategic business support system: we will give you the tools and support to help you build new and bigger relationships with brands and truly grow your revenue. Blogist is changing what the terms social media strategist and business advisor mean. Our expertise in the field will give you the tools to differentiate not only yourself, but your community and make your business stand out.

We will truly be Advisors to your business and work with you as a team.

Is the Advisory Plan Right for You?

The Advisory plan is for influencers, creators and entrepreneurs who are looking for a team to help them truly grow their digital footprint. This plan is for individuals who are looking for brand facing support, negotiating rates, pitching brands and supporting to help you get to a place where you make a serious income from your online business. You should have a minimum of one to two brand collaborations coming in per month (they can be paid or unpaid) in order to see the most benefit from this plan.

What’s Included in the Advisory Plan?

A content calendar that will allow you to seamlessly plan and organize all of your content. The calendar seamlessly integrates to your Google Calendar. Our system will also send you a daily reminder as to what’s coming up in your content calendar so that you stay consistent with your content schedule. Consistency is the #1 thing that will make your business grow online.

A dedicated management team consisting of a Senior Talent Manager and Talent Manager.

A project tracker to organize and track all paid and gifted collaborations with brands. Your management team will help you organize brand projects into your project tracker to ensure that you can seamlessly keep track of sponsored brand campaigns.

A full analysis of your audience to allow you to most efficiently pitch brands. This demographic breakdown will also help you understand the kinds of content that resonate best with your audience so you can increase your engagement and in turn grow your audience.

Recap report support whenever you are done with a brand project. Our job is to ensure that brands will come back and want to engage in paid collaborations with you after you are done with that project.

Strategy calls. You’ll have strategic calls with your Senior Talent Manager whenever you want to review your high level business goals.

Contract review support. Our team of experts will make sure you get the money that you deserve for paid and gifted partnerships. We are well trained and experienced in looking for things like usage and exclusivity to ensure you get paid for your incredible content.

Content and Brand Strategy support. We’ll work with you to make sure your content strategy is as innovative as it possibly can be. While working with Blogist we will do everything to ensure we keep pushing your brand forward.

Access to our network of preferred partners. Looking for web design support, PR support, Pinterest support, a new photographer etc…? Blogist has a network of experienced, preferred partners here to work with you to grow your business, at a lower cost.

How does the Advisory Plan Work?

Onboarding: When you purchase an Advisory Plan, a Blogist Founder will reach out to schedule an onboarding call with you. Following the call, the Blogist Founder will follow up via email to send the survey that will be used to pair you with your support team.

Following the onboarding call and your completion of the survey, Blogist will pair you with a dedicated support team with the next 72 hours. The senior member of your team will reach out to you to schedule an introductory call so you can meet your team and get started. On the call, you’ll:

  • Meet your team
  • Talk through goals in detail
  • Discuss collaboration process
  • Determine next steps

Team Communication: Most collaboration between you and your team happens via email and phone calls. You can also use the product to submit requests.

How does Billing Work?

Committed Budget

  • On the day that you purchase a plan, we bill for the upfront cost of one month, this is now the anchor of your billing cycle and your card will be charged on this day each month as long as you remain an Advisory client.
  • Your plan includes a set committed budget of $270 each month. This ensures a consistent focus on your business and is the minimum amount that Blogist believes is necessary to meet growth goals each month.
  • Committed budget does NOT roll over month to month. Committed budget resets at the time that your billing cycle rolls over. Any remaining committed budget is lost at the end of the billing cycle if it is not used.
  • You may receive an email notification if you have less than $60 total budget remaining.
  • Once the committed budget is used, Additional Time budget can be used toward services if available.
  • Blogist does not collect commission from brand payments to Advisory customers.

Additional Time

  • Once committed budget is used, Additional Time budget will be used toward services if available.
  • You may purchase Additional Time at any time.
  • Additional Time is completely optional. If you have a strict budget, your management team can work with you stay within budget. If you have a lot of projects, Additional Time is helpful to get more accomplished in a month.
  • Additional Time DOES roll over month to month if unused.
  • Additional Time must be purchased in chunks of $90 ($90/$180/$270/$540/$900).
  • You may opt in to automatically purchasing Additional Time when your monthly committed budget runs out.

    • If you opt in, Additional Time will be automatically purchased in chunks of $90 (smallest chunk to meet immediate need). For example, if your budget goes over by $20, you can automatically purchase $90 of additional time, $20 of which will be used immediately, you will have $70 additional time after the work has been reviewed. If the budget goes over by $200, you will automatically purchase $270 of additional time, $200 will be used immediately, you will have $70 of additional time after work has been reviewed.

How Blogist Logs Time

  • When you join the Advisory plan, you will be assigned a management team — This team consists of a Senior Talent Manager (bills at $90/hour) and a Talent Manager (bills at $60/hour)
  • When a team member performs work on your behalf, they record how long it takes (as well as if overtime was required — overtime billing only happens if you require work to be performed on holidays or outside of work hours, we’ll confirm with you before proceeding in this case).
  • The platform calculates the cost of this work given time, manager’s rate, and whether overtime was involved and subtracts the cost from your available budget.
  • Work time is reviewed and approved, the cost is subtracted from the available budget and confirmed in your Blogist account. If the budget drops below zero and you have auto-purchase enabled, the additional time will automatically be purchased at this time.
  • Purchases for Additional Time are added to the next invoice from Blogist
  • If you have opted in to email notifications for purchases, you will receive an email each time Additional Time is purchased.

Example Invoice:

Item Quantity Cost
Blogist Advisory monthly subscription 1 $299
Additional Time 2 $180
Total $479

Holiday and Weekend Billing

We work Monday-Friday from 9am EST to 9pm EST. The Blogist team does not expect to work on national holidays, nights after 9pm EST and weekends. If you require any work done during that time, Blogist will bill at an additional rate.

When work is required to be completed as time outside of office hours, the work will be billed at double the normal hourly cost. Time outside of office hours can be any of the following:

  • Work before 9AM Eastern Time
  • Work after 9PM Eastern Time
  • Work on Blogist company Holidays
  • Work on weekends

Work can only be considered outside of office hours time if you ask for it to be completed during that time. If a manager chooses (is not required) to work outside of office hours time it is not considered for holiday or weekend billing. We’ll confirm with you before doing any work that would bill at the overtime rate.

Rescheduling Appointments

If you skip or need to reschedule a call, and give less than 24 hour notice, you will be billed for a 30 minute call.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an in person meeting, more than 24 hours notice must be given. If under 24 hours, you will be billed for an hour of “outside of office hours time”. If you have any questions about billing please email

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